On the drive home from school today, I enjoyed listening to the boy and doll’s banter about their respective day. “You’re out early,” I noticed. “Oh we had a pep rally and are allowed to leave when it’s over,” the doll explained as she climbed into the car. A moment later, her brother opened the opposite side door and said, “Good afternoon…” as he slid into his seat. “How was school today,” asked their mother, rather routinely. “Eh, on my Latin test I’m pretty sure I wrote the name for “book” in Spanish,” the doll replied which caused us all to laugh. “What is that, libre?”  I asked. “LIBRE” the boy replied as the doll concurred both our answers. “What is the correct answer?” Her brother inquired, “I don’t remember,” she replied and again we all laughed.

“Hey, I didn’t see you at the pep rally,” She said to the boy. “Nope, I didn’t want to go, so I didn’t,” He said, in a smug tone. “Where do you hide out?” She wondered. “Eh, sometimes the library is a good place, but today, I hung out in the guidance office…” He explained. “Bay, did you talk with the college counselor while there?” I wondered. “No, I hung out with my regular guidance counselor,” He replied. “Did you tell her about your ACT score?” I said, still excited by his latest results. “No, she already knew,” He replied. “Did she say anything to you about them?” I wondered. “Yes, she said they were very good…” He said with a sheepish grin making its way across his face. “I heard there was a girl who got a 32,” The doll interjected. “Wow, who was that?” I asked impressed. “Oh I don’t know, I just overheard some kids talking about their results,” she replied.

“Oh, okay,” I said. “You know when it’s my turn to take the exam, don’t even think about me getting as high a grade as Mr. Test Taker here,” She said jabbing her brother with her elbow. “Why would you say that?” Her brother replied. “I’m not a test taker like you,” She said hoping we’d buy that excuse. “Why are you selling yourself short, girl?  You’re plenty smart. I expect you to score higher than I did. In fact, I know you will…” He encouraged. “Doll your school is geared to help students improve overall test scores, so by the time you take the ACT, you’ll be much better prepared than your brother…so who knows what you’ll score,” I offered. “Yeah, maybe…” she said, paused then added, “but don’t hold your breath,”

“Time will tell, doll, time will tell,” I said, shortly before dropping them off.




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