Relief from political distress, day 44…


I’m working with Mr. L today, which leaves me little time to devote to blog writing. A good thing I wrote this last night. 😊 Enjoy!

You may believe your’re looking at a black and white photo, but  you’re not. On a hike with my hubby and doll Saturday, we found ourselves visiting two different parks nestled on the banks of the Maumee River. Both parks offered some great photographic opportunities for future use in this blog, as well as a nice place to hike and learn a little more about the history and ecosystem of the area where I live.

Later following our hike, after downloading all the photos, I hit the “Enhancement” key on my photo program, which usually plays with the contrast, adding light; to help clarify detail. What was revealed surprised me. While Saturday’s overcast skies covered  most of the day, we did have moments of sun breaking through the clouds, yet for some reason on this photo, all the colors were muted, leaving what appears to be a cool black and white photo.

Not bad for an amateur… 

Original untouched photo

Original untouched photo


Enhanced photo to clarify details


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