Stock answers…


“Hey mom,” The boy yelled up the stairs,”today is the last day for my Spotify.” Which was his way of asking me to pay the streaming music app money to keep his subscription active and commercial free. I in return offered him my new stock answer for whenever he wants money for trivial matters, “Get a job”.


“Bay let’s work on filling out some college applications,” I told the boy Sunday. “Mom, we’re doing this in English class, I don’t have to do this now,” he replied. “Bay, we need to get a head start on this while there is an abundance scholarship money available,” I argued. “But if I’m doing them in school, with people who know what their doing-as opposed to you then I shouldn’t have to do them at home too…” He returned. 

“Bay, for once in your life, could you do as I ask without arguing with me?” I asked. “Not when it’s dumb,” he replied, puliing out one of his own stock answers he reserves especially for me.


“Mom, these headphones you gave me are defective,” The boy informed. “Hmm, they’ve worked fine for me over the last 2 years. Of course, I didn’t wear them 24/7 like you do….” I retorted. “You’re purposely being obtuse and missing the point,” He complained. “Which is…?” “That I need new headphones,” he replied. “No, the point is, you need a job to pay for said headphones and any other incidental you deem important…” I replied. “You sound like a broken record,” he complained. “Then do something about it..” I replied. 


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