Blackout date with mom…


“Tell me, out of ten, how would you rate this evening?” I asked the doll as we were driving home. Considering that she was doing me a favor, I expected the score to be low. I mean, dinner hadn’t worked out as we had hoped…

  • “You know, the only reason I’m going is because you promised me dinner…” She reminded as we drove to the downtown area of our hometown. “Good music, good food…” I smiled and then thanked her once again for coming with me that evening. But when we arrived at the restaurant, they had a twenty minute waiting list. “You know, let’s see if we can find something else,” I offered, and we began to our search. Halfway to another restaurant, she spotted a Subway sub shop and said, “We could always eat there…” “Are you sure, I mean, it’s not quite like the dinner I promised…” “I’m hungry and I like their sandwiches,” She said. “Alright then,” I replied as turned to walk into the restaurant.

…and she was missing an important football game off campus.  What made this game so important was for the first time she would have had the opportunity to hang out with her new tentative friends, outside the safety of the her school setting, and she has a closet full of appropriate colored (blackout motif) clothing to fit in with the rest of the student body.

  • “Mom, look at this picture of Allie, she has black paint on her face…” She said with a lilt of disappointment in her voice. “I’m sorry baby,” I began and then tried to guilt her out of making me feel guilty, “…but you promised me, you’d come with me…” I replied. “I know, but that doesn’t mean I have to make this easy on you either,” She replied and smiled. I nodded, leaned over to hug her. In return she pushed back, saying “No,” then turned her attention elsewhere, which made me laugh.

As the event happened around us, I did my best not to embarrass her (too much) by dancing and singing uncontrollably. “I’m going to stand now…” I said and she followed along. Other times, she sat watching the crowd around us and while she didn’t outwardly express delight at what was happening, she also, did not outwardly express disgust either.

“So, on a scale from one to ten, how would you rate tonight, considering you’re not a country music fan and all?” I asked as we drove home. I expected a her to express a low ball number, as punishment for making her come along. “You know my science teacher laughed at me when I told her why I wasn’t going to the game…” She said to me earlier. But she surprised me saying, “Oh, an eight and a half,” but didn’t elaborate. “I thought the Dixie Chicks sounded great…” I replied. “I liked the one song that made fun of the election process and dropped confetti on us,” She said with a smile. “I know you don’t necessarily care for that genre of music, so I’m happy you enjoyed yourself somewhat,”I said and then added, “Thanks again for coming with me”.  Nodding her head she replied, “You’re welcome,” the turned her attention back to her iPhone.


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