Relief from political distress, day 40…


Ripped from the headlines (I kid you not):

  • Johnson Can’t Name One World Leader!
  • Busted! Hillary Caught Signaling Lester Holt on Six Different Occasions for Help!
  • Donald Trump Claims He Lost Debate Because His Mic Was Defective
  • Jill Stein Escorted off Hofstra Campus Ahead of the Debate!

If you ask me, Jill is the only choice here. I mean, all she’s being accused of doing was failing to carry her ID with her. Then again, this could be viewed as a scandal for voters too (I mean really, how hard is it to carry a wallet these days?).

Okay, as you were…


dsc_0283-2While traveling through Yellowstone National Park last July, as we made our way through the park, I became attracted to a small lake we crossed over and back (several times) every day. On our last time through the park, I asked my hubby to pull over so I could take some photographs of this mysteriously beautiful lake. One of the things which attracted me, were the beautiful yellow flowers which grew atop the lake’s surface. After snapping some shots, we stopped for a moment and read from a placard, “Isa Lake, straddles the continental divide and is believed to be the only natural lake in the world which drains to two different oceans, Pacific to the west and Atlantic to the east”. Imagine that! One lake, two different directions and the only commonality between the two are the beautiful yellow flowers growing atop the lake’s surface.dsc_0284-2

Anyone else see a parallel to our election here? Two base parties, moving in two different directions, straddling the continental divide of political ideology and the only common element between them are the people they are trying to serve. The one exception being, Isa Lake’s beautiful yellow flower. Can we claim to be collectively as beautiful?

Time will tell.



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