homecoming doll…


Monday, when I picked the doll up after school she excitedly jumped into the car and said, “Mum, Allie is gong to homecoming…” and then let out a big happy sigh. “She is? Good. Do you need me to drive…?” I asked and was met with a resounding “Yes”.

“Mum is going to homecoming, Mum is going to homecoming, er I mean, my doll is going to homecoming, with her best friend Allie and I could be more happy. For the first time in four years, I have a kid going to a dance who not only wants to attend, but also hasn’t being coerced or bribed into doing so.

The funny thing is, my doll (unbeknownst to me) has been planning to attend this Homecoming dance since she first visited the school last year. After the first week of school she asked me how she’d go about buying tickets for the dance. “Doll, why don’t you ask in the main office…” I replied. At first, her plan was to invite her friends from last year (who attend different area schools) to come along as her “dates”; that is until that plan was quashed by the school’s administration, “Students are allowed to come with their friends at CCHS, but we do not have them bring a group of girls from other schools…” “Yeah, I can kind of see their point of view…” the doll said, disappointed, but understanding at the same time.

Since her safety-net of friends would not be attending, that left Allie as her only recourse, or so I thought…

On Saturday, one week before the Homecoming dance, the doll reminded, “I need to find a dress for the Homecoming dance for next weekend.” Knowing she had not been invited by a boy, I asked, “Is Allie accompanying you?”  “I don’t know if she’s asked her mom yet, but I’m going regardless if she goes or not…” She replied rather confidently. “Who would you be hanging out with then?” I asked. “Callie from my lunch table said she was going and my friend Meghan will be there, though she’ll be on a date…” “Soooo…” I tried, “So, I’m going no matter what,” she replied. I wanted to, with all my might ask, “Who are you and what have you done with my shy introverted daughter?” but refrained from doing so. After all, this means Mum is “going” to Homecoming too.


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