Relief from political distress, day 39…


On the road to Mammoth Hot Springs in northern Yellowstone National Park, there is an area close to the main road filled with boulders, presumably resulting from a long ago mountain land slide. The place is impressive. What’s more, when you gaze up that pulverized mountain side, you can’t help but allow your mind to try and fit the fallen boulders together; like a giant jigsaw puzzle recreating that mountain side before they all tumbled down to their current resting places.

In one area, there is a small turn around that we used as a method to get off the main road and drive in between a few boulders. When we reached the the main road again, my husband paused while I took a few more photographs. That’s when we both said, “Hey!” “Hey what?” The other members of the car replied. “Look,” my husband said and pointed toward a boulder directly in front of us, but across the main road.

“What are you pointing at?” The boy asked while I continue trying my best to get a better cleaner shot of an animal who blended perfectly with the rock surface. “In the rock opening, do you see him?” His father replied. On his second look, the boy spotted the tiny Pika, hanging out on the boulder. “Wow, he’s so tiny!” the doll added when she found him too. “I didn’t think they were that small…” My husband remarked and the boy concurred. “I didn’t either, but he’s a cutie…” He said.

We sat in the car watching that little guy for a good five minutes until another car came out seeking an exit too. Snapping a few more pictures, we bid goodbye to the little creature and then moved onto toward our next destination; happily excited over finding one of the smallest animals the park had to share.



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