Relief from political distress, day 37….


The doll and I went out for a nice walk along the Maumee River this afternoon and talked a bit about her fun Saturday night. Every once in a while, I would stop, listen and hope to pinpoint a bird to photograph. Many times, the birds would be too antsy to sit still long enough for me to snap the photograph or would turn out to be a squirrel, working over an acorn. As such, I have plenty of photos of “almosts”.

As the result, I’ve decided to go into my archives and pull out an photograph taken almost four years ago.

Back in 2012, we took a week long, fall break vacation to Siesta Key, Florida. During our stay, we took in a day trip to Myakka River State Park where we took a boat tour around the two lakes; which encompassed the park. We were blessed to see alligators up close and personal, among many other diverse wildlife the park had to offer. Afterward, we slowly made our way out of the main road, keeping our eyes pealed looking into the surrounding fauna, hoping to see some of the over populated wild boar (we’d learned about on the boat tour) among many other animals indigenous to the region. That’s when my doll spotted this beauty…

While we didn’t see any of the infamous wild boar roaming in our direction, I think we still hit the jackpot when this guy chose to ignore us and posed for a picture instead.


Red shoulder hawk? October 2012 Siesta Key, FL



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