Relief from political distress, day 36…


In keeping with the same frame of reference as yesterday, this photograph comes from the same vacation in Siesta Key, Florida. If you’ve ever traveled to the beach, or driven through a black top parking lot for that matter, you’ve no doubt come across a flying frenzy of sea gulls. Now, ordinarily, I wouldn’t find the sight of sea gulls lifting off to be all that exciting. But perhaps the birds proximity to me upped the ante a bit.

dsc00494As per our norm while on vacation, my hubby and I woke up early in the morning and took a hike up the beach. As the evening’s high tide gave way to the morning’s low, a tidal pool was left behind, leaving small pockets of fish separated from their mother ocean. The gulls and a few other bird species; found this pool to their liking, began jumping and flying around with excitement.

From my perspective, the frenzy was a beautiful sight against the backdrop of the early morning sunrise.


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