Homecoming dance…


Friday afternoon when I picked the kids up from school, the doll in an embarrassed and surprised tone said, “Mom! This boy from my art class came up to me after class and asked if I knew his friend who apparently is in my theology class. After he described him a little, I said, I thought I might and then he said, his friend likes me, then turned and walked away…”

As a parent I must say, when she told me this I wanted to cringe a little. I mean my baby girl is now the object of an admirer from afar… but instead, I burst out laughing at her scenario. “Do you know who the boy is?” I asked. “I think so…” She replied, confused by the whole mess. “What’s his name?” I wondered. “I don’t know. He told me, but I was so flustered by the whole thing, I forgot his name,” She sighed. “Well, maybe he’ll be at the dance on Saturday and ask you to dance…” I said. She groaned loudly, embarrassed in reply. “Why does this stuff happen to me?” She wondered aloud adding a “Woe is me” lilt to her voice. As her mean mommy, in that moment, all I could do was laugh at her perceived predicament.


When I came to pick up the girls after the dance, the first question I asked was, “Did you see a boy from your theology class and if so did he ask you to dance?” “Nope!” She answered with a trumphant tone. “Did you slow dance with any boy?” I asked. “No, but I did a lot of dancing…” She said, before adding, “Oh God Mom, I was odd tonight…” She laughed. Allie, turned toward her and said, “You were fine, though, more outgoing than I’ve ever seen you before.” More outgoing, my doll? “Mom, I kept walking up to random groups of people and dancing, using my arms and hands, wash on, wash off…” the pair demonstrated and giggled in the back seat, “Then once they joined in, I ran off.” “What do you mean you ran off?” I wondered. “I ran to another group and did the same thing…” She explained. “Okay…” I replied as the girls giggled and laughed at the memory.

Was “J” (her crush) there?” I asked. “Yes,” She replied curtly. “Not only was he there, she talked to him…” Allie interjected. “Oh, not really, he asked me if I had gotten my Latin homework finished and when I said I hadn’t he added, “It’s easy,” and then walked away!” She said adding an incredulous inflection to her voice on that last syllable. “Well at least you got to talk with your crush. We won’t mention what happened to me when I saw mine…” Allie said. “What happened?” I asked. “He had a date, for one thing…” Allie replied before adding, “and when I saw them together I literally fell down, flat on my back and laid there,” She explained and then began to laugh at how stupid that sounded. “At first, I thought you might have twisted your ankle in those high heals,” The doll injected into the conversation, “But then I saw ‘him’ and figured it out and then helped you up…” “Yeah, oh well there’s more boys to crush on in this school…” Allie smiled and then the  two broke back into laughter which serenaded us home.


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