big baby steps for my big bay…


College is a big step…

“I don’t want to be here…” The boy lamented. “I’m not in the mood…” He tried. “I’m really tired…” He added. “I’m starving…” He said. All in the attempt to keep from attending a college fair hosted at a local university.

“Bay, here’s your choices for next year… you’ll either be working hard at college or working hard in a job to make money to pay your way. Hopefully, we’ll find a school that’s a perfect fit for you here…” I said and then his father added, “But we won’t know unless we talk with them. Otherwise we’re flying blind.”  Not impressed with our arguments, he continued to fret about his future; his very near future talking with college recruiters on an empty stomach.

Once inside, we found the two universities his high school college guidance counselor recommended and approached their tables. Each time, he opened the conversation with a joke… “Sorry I didn’t have time to shave this morning…” He said, then grabbed the overgrown hair on his neck adding, “So you’re stuck with this monster tonight…” and then smiled.  “No worries dude!” and “Hey, that’s okay…” Both recruiters said with a chuckle and a smile, putting everyone (especially the boy) at ease; more willing to listen to their respective school’s sales pitch.

“Was this all that bad?” I asked the boy as we walked to the car after. “Excruciating…” He replied but smiled. “Bay, we just want you to have the best college experience we/you can afford.” I said. “I know, thank you, but I’m still starving…” He replied. “Good for you, we’re only ten minutes from home,” His father returned, while the boy groaned his reply.



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