growing excitement…


I LOVE Baseball and am not ashamed to say I LOVE Cleveland INDIANS Baseball.  My New York Yankee loving brothers taught me how to love and appreciate the game at a very young age. But, in loving the purity of the game, I became disillusioned by the large market teams with deep pockets, who seemed to buy the best talent; in effect buying the World Series Championship in the process. So, somewhere around 1989-90 I decided to follow the closest, small market team whose games were broadcast on my local am radio station and found my baseball home with the Cleveland Indians.

That first year, we lost 105 games and though losing so many was difficult, the team learned strength and perseverance and four short years later, appeared in their first World Series in forty-seven years. Our small market team who no one believed would succeed, did and I couldn’t have been happier. In the ensuing twenty-one years, the Indians have made the post season seven more times; but always falling short of the World Series Win.

Tonight we try again.

But as much as I LOVE the game of INDIANS baseball, my children do not share my sentiment. “Mom, face it, baseball is boring…” The boy loved to say every time I turned on SportsTimeOhio to watch their games. “Sucks to be you then, stuck in this room while I enjoy the game…” was my usual reply. Earlier my doll informed, “I’m Blue Jays all the way…” “Um, their playing the Texas Rangers right now and winning… but it’s still early” I replied. “Oh, well, they’re my team, Oh Cannnaaadddaaaa” She said, singing the first chords of Canada’s national anthem. “Oh, nice, rooting against my team. I guess this means I don’t have to feed you anytime soon…” I remarked but was put in my place when she returned, “Oh and that means I don’t have to make you any cookies…”

Foiled again by my daughters quick wit and baking acumen.


This afternoon, when we arrived home from school, I looked at the kids and excitedly said, “Oh my God, do you know what’s going to happen in four short hours?  FOUR SHORT HOURS???”

Deriving information from earlier conversations, the boy and doll first gave obvious answers…

“I’m going to have had a hair cut and be clean shaven?” The boy replied not quite catching the air of excitement I was trying to induce. “We’re going to have cookies,” The doll stated, rather than asked.

“No, only FOUR HOURS more…” I happily announced.

“We’re all going to be fat and happy from eaten pizza…?” The boy gave his best wish answer to the question, followed by his sister’s, “We’re getting a new puppy?”

“New puppy?” I laughed, “No, IT’S THE FIRST PITCH OF THE ALDS WITH MY TRIBE TAKING ON THE LOWLY redsox…” I exclaimed in my most over the top, excitement filled voice I could muster.

Both kids shot me a look of disappointment and then the boy replied, “In other words, boring TV Thursday…” “Not for me…” I triumphantly declared. The doll sat there looking at me a moment longer and then said, “For the briefest of moments I held out hope we were getting a new puppy this evening. You’ve shattered all my dreams…” and then exited the car.

“Sorry for your luck doll, tonight I will be otherwise engaged watching my boys of Summer–now my TRIBE of October play in the American League Division Series and baby we gonna have fun!

Let’s Go Tribe!!


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