Three things…


The boy approached the car and happily announced, I got rid of all the cookies and was told they were delicious.” which made his cookie making sister happy. “I read your articles…” She began and I interrupted saying, “Your newspaper is out? ” Excited by his first edition as a member of the newspaper staff. “Yes,” He replied adding, ” I have three articles…” Three articles? How did you get so many?” I wondered. “Well everyone was given three tasks and some chose to work on layouts, some as editors and I chose to write three articles,” He explained. Nodding at his explanation, I forgot momentarily my son is “Mr. Minimal” when it comes to tasks. “You didn’t want to try your hand at the other stuff?” I offered. “Mom, I’m good at writing…” He replied and dropped the subject.

As we began our drive home I asked, “Can I see the newspaper?” “No,” the boy replied with a matter of fact tone. “No?” I returned surprised. I mean he doesn’t like us reading his unpublished short stories and stuff, but I thought, since the entire high school was reading his stuff, I would be allowed to as well. Considering you’re currently driving us home, I don’t think handing your the newspaper at this juncture would be prudent,” He explained. “Oh, you’re no fun…” I replied adding, “How about when I get home?” I asked. “That depends…” He said with a lilt of humor in his voice. “Onnn?” I replied, “Whether I can get out of cleaning my room when we get home,” He offered. “Mom, I’ll let you have my copy,” His sister piped in spoiling his proposition. “Doll!!” He replied annoyed with his sister. Looking at her brother she replied, “Bay, the stink from your bedroom is infringing on the tranquility of mine”.


Later, when I was no longer driving the boy handed me the newspaper and as his proud mom, I have to say he did a great job. Of the three articles, this one stood out. Hope you enjoy.


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