Relief from political distress, day 31…


As many of you know, the Presidential Candidate representing the Republican party in the last 24 hours has found himself in some hot water. Over that time, many of the top members of his party have been calling for him to step aside, in favor of pushing his running mate to the top of the ticket and saving face with the American pubic. As you might imagine, he’s quite defiant in the face of this mess and has vowed to go on, despite all the calls for the contrary.

Therefore, these are the most apropos photos for this sorry, apologetic candidate’s campaign…

Note: the only thing missing from these photos were the placards which warned visitors to “Watch Your Step” in this geothermal area of the Firehole Springs located in the Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park, Wy.

Sage advice for both candidates in their final 30 days of the election cycle.


Firehole Spring origination point, Yellowstone National Park, 2016

Firehole Spring origin, Yellowstone National Park, 2016  The smell of sulfur in the air… 


Close up on the hot spring coming to life...  Yellowstone National Park, 2016

Close up on the hot spring coming to life…   Yellowstone National Park, 2016



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