Relief from political distress, day 28…


While trying to procure the perfect pictures for these blogs, I’ve had the opportunity to relive many of my family’s past vacations throughout the United States and Caribbean Sea. If you don’t mind, I’d like to take a brief moment to thank my Mother in-law, Pat, who through her “Grammy Adventures” provided the many opportunities to see and witness so many beautiful and diverse settings.

Today’s photo comes from the island shores of St Maartin, in the Caribbean Sea, where exactly four years ago today, I stood mesmerized by the waters colors and snapped my first panoramic photo. Back then, in 2012 our choices for President pitted two very similar, yet politically/ideologically different candidates against one another.

Today we’re stuck with two polarizing candidates who shout obscenities, lie to everyone, proclaim brilliance in the hypocrisy and truly believe all publicity is good publicity.

Back in 2012, I had the beauty of the island nation to help me mull over who my candidate for President of these United Sates would be. Thank goodness I have this photo to help me in my time of need this time around.

Looks much better there than here...

Belair Beach, St. Maartin


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