the morning drive…


This morning on the drive to school the boy asked me to take a different route, away from construction barrels which mark our path every day. “I have an idea, how about you get your driver’s license then you can take whichever route you choose…” I replied. “Hrmpf,” he said and the conversation shifted in another direction.

The doll, who’s been suffering from a cold and low grade fever, finally went back to go to school today (after missing the first part of the week), more out of fear of getting too far behind, rather than how well she actually felt. On the drive to, she cleared her throat and then said, “Sorry Mum”. “What? I mean, why are you sorry?” I wondered. “I cleared my throat, which made you unintentionally mimic my behavior and clear your throat too, even though you didn’t have to,” She explained. “What?” I replied confused. “You couldn’t help clear your throat upon hearing me clear mine. It’s psychological; you had no control,” She tried again. “No, I attempted to clear my throat because folk with Acid-reflux suffer from a feeling of constant post nasal drip.” I replied. “Whatever mom, I was just trying to apologize for triggering the response, but forget it,” She said, annoyed by this whole episode.

Thing is doll,” I began, “If your statement was true, I would have burned out my throat ages ago…” She gave me a curious look, encouraging me to continue. “…Whenever a Nickleback song played on the radio. Now that’s a singer who’s in desperate need to clear his throat,” I finished and smiled. From the backseat the boy laughed while his sister merely shook her head in reply.


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