college prep…


This morning at the boy’s high school, he and I, along with his guidance counselor, met with a woman from the Ability Center, here in town, to discuss his future transition into college. “Every senior is apprehensive about what comes next, so what you’re feeling is not uncommon…” She informed, “But the ability center may offer you some insights–like the who to talk to about specific services, or those who work with students on the spectrum, setting up dorm rooms and study quadrants even helping to find on campus work for you,” She explained.  Afterward, I asked him,  “What do you think?”  “I don’t know…” Came his reply. “What have we got to lose?” I offered, then chose to let him mull the idea over adding, “We can talk about this at home later, okay?” “I’m not opposed to the idea Mom, just not sure how to begin,” He added. “That’s the idea bay, to learn where and how to begin…” I said before we parted company.




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