Relief from political distress, day 23…


Today, while the rain fell in my area, I stopped for a moment to admire all the birds, who continued to eat at my feeders; despite the rainfall. “We don’t care ’bout no stinking rain…” I said aloud to myself, mimicking what I imagined the birds were thinking. Then all of a sudden a larger bird swooped in and landed at the base of the feeder pole landing on a sparrow, seemingly trying to smother the smaller bird. “Oh, Oh, Oh…” I said, quickly adding, “Where’s my camera? Oh my God, where’s my camera…?” Trying not to take my eyes off the large bird, I quickly glanced to the left, grabbed the camera, complained I had the wrong lens on and then began snapping pictures. I was able to get three good shots before a squirrel approached and scared the larger bird off, with a sparrow lunch helplessly gripped inside one talon.


“Well, hawks have to eat too…” My husband reminded and I agreed, remembering this was not the first time a hawk has used our feeder as their base of operations. “I just hope this doesn’t make our feeder persona non grata,” I replied. A short time later, my fears were relieved when a host of sparrows, a few nuthatches, mourning doves and the finches all returned to our feeders. In addition, I spotted Red Bellied and Harry Woodpeckers in the tree overshadowing the feeders. Evidently, the call to food out weighed the fear of a larger predator nearby.



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