Relief from political distress, day 20…


The final debate of this election campaign is mere hours away and I find Trump’s move to bring President Obama’s half brother from Kenya to attend, curious. I mean to what end? Is he hoping unnerve Clinton or just throw  another wrench in an already messed up campaign? Your guess is as good as mine. Regardless, here’s two good ideas to consider… 

1) The NLCS will be broadcast at the same time as the debate, so if you want to watch things being thrown, without hyperbole, you have a choice.

2) It’s the last debate before the election meaning, it’ll either be entertaining or reduced to a Jerry Springer show aka, down right ugly, divisive, and debasing.

Frankly, the Cubs vs Dodgers sounds like the better option if you ask me… 


 A beautiful flower from Nassau Bahamas, ahead of an ugly day of political warfare.



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