peering into the future…


“I’ve come to believe I have OCD when it comes to holding doors open for folks,” The boy explained as the last person exited the building. “Yeah? Well, you’ve done a great job today,” the man replied before turning his attention back to the young college student conducting the University campus tour we were on. After making a point of walking into every major building on campus, our guide stopped and apologized, “Before we go in, let me premise this by saying, this particular residence offers the smallest accommodations/dorm rooms on campus. In fact, due to your tour group size, you might only be able to peer inside the room from the hallway, simply because the room won’t accommodate these many people,” She finished. Yet one by one, we all had the opportunity to step inside the tiny room, look around and then exit. “This is perfect…” The boy mumbled aloud, just before we turned to leave.

Following the tour I asked the boy how he felt about possibly of attending this university next fall. “Eh, I liked the campus and architecture, though the one building that’s supposed to represent a receding glacier looked more like a freighter,” He explained. “Buildings aside, do you think you could see yourself living and going to school on this campus…?” “Maybe…’ He replied honestly.

A few hours later, we took another tour at a small private University not far from home and once again, he expressed interest in the campus. “I’m really torn between the two…” He said. “Well let’s go over the pros and cons…” I offered. “Mom, this private college is too expensive,” He noted. “Let’s worry about that later, okay? Let’s concentrate on if you think you could see yourself attending this school. The biggest problem I see bay is your transportation to school. You need to get your driver’s license to get to classes. If you attended the other school and lived on campus, you could walk or take buses everywhere…” I said. “Mom, you know my position on driving..” He replied. “Bay, you need to overcome your fear of dying a fiery death…” I replied. “Easier said than done…” He offered.

“Mom, I liked both schools…” The boy said this afternoon. “I did too…” I replied. “I’m not sure my grades and ACT score would be enough to make the private school affordable though,” He explained. “I know, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. In addition, you’ll be expected to “work” on campus to pay your way…” I replied. “I know, I talked to one of the women about possible jobs…” He replied and smiled, “You didn’t know I did that, did you…” “Impressed bay, I’m in impressed,” I said. “Yes, I could tutor, work in the library among other areas to help offset the cost,” He explained.

Well we have a few more schools to see in the coming weeks… are you getting nervous?” I wondered. “To tour the campuses?  Not really. To go to school…yes. Definitely, yes” He replied.

“I know how ya feel bay,” I said to myself, “I know how you feel…”







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