Relief from political distress, day 19…


Last night, midway through the debate, I found myself torn: Continue watching the third debate or change over and watch American Horror Story’s much anticipated “game changing” episode six? Both offered compelling reasons to watch. With kudos to Chris Wallace’s strong  skills as Moderator, this third and final Presidential debate before the election, was (up to that point) entertaining, informative and in some spots downright hilarious. But the pull to watch a fictional horror story rather than the very real (Horrifying) political one playing out before us, won out. Happily the doll and I enjoyed our guilty pleasure, screaming, jumping and occasionally laughing at one another’s reactions to the action taking place on the screen. Once the episode came to a close, I did in fact return to the debate saved on YouTube and finished watching.

Hindsight being 20/20, I believe my decision to watch American Horror Story was the better choice between the two shows, save for one thing. When Chris Wallace tired of Mr. Trump’s interruptions; keeping him from controlling the debate pointedly said, “I’m not a potted plant here I’m allowed to ask you questions…”

In respect, I give you a once potted plant, now firmly planted in my garden, known as the “Celebration” flower. Rather an apt flower to help us “celebrate” the near conclusion of the presidential debate and election seasons.

"Celebration" photo taken on a foggy, damp morning; water clinging to the plant.

“Celebration” photo taken on a foggy, damp morning; water droplets clinging to the petals, leaves and stem.



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