Relief from political distress, day 15…


We were tired after spending most of the week inside the rental car, driving from one end of Yellowstone to the next, in an effort to see everything the park had to offer. In truth we only managed to see about 5% of what the park had to offer, but found we were blessed by  everything we saw. On our way out of the park after having spent the day being awed by the majestic Tetons, we slowed the car down curious to see why everyone ahead of us were pulled off, to the side of the road. Scanning into the distance we followed the pointing fingers from cars ahead and found a wolf, resting in the tall grass. A WOLF!! Naturally, I pulled out my camera and began snapping photos. When the wolf became bored by the human onlookers, he stood up, looked around and began moving away. As we slowly drove away, geeked out happy that we had spied an elusive wolf, I went back and looked through the photos I’d just taken with the camera’s viewfinder, landing on the many photos of the wolf. Taking a closer look, my husband announced “Um, that’s not a wolf…” “What? Yes it is..” we all replied. “No, no it’s not. That’s a coyote,” hubby replied, disappointed. 

All the excitement over the day’s discoveries seemed to vanish with that one realization: What we thought we had found, turned out to be something else…

Election moral of the story: be careful who you vote for, they may be completely different from who you thought they were.


Beautiful coyote of Yellowstone


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