Relief from political distress, day 14….



The anticipation is killing me…

Hurry up and get here…

Who knew the election would drag out for soooooo looooonnnnnngggggg?

My nephew this morning posted on his Facebook page about how we all love people who post their political memes and party affiliation constantly, which in turn runs across everyone’s timelines as well; employing the tag line, “said no one ever…”

Sarcasm aside, we have two more weeks of this election crap, how on earth will we survive?

Well consider this…

The Walking Dead fans just waited six months to find out who arch villain Negan, murdered in the last years season finale. Six long, highly anticipated months to read fan fiction, trade theories with other fans,  glean the internet for spoilers, etc. Some the of actors when asked what was the most difficult about keeping the identity a secret were folks trying to trip the up into spilling any nugget of information, not to mention, harassment from family members who just had to know, but were told to wait–like everyone else.

Of course, let’s not forget the elephant in the room, Major League Baseball’s World Series beginning tonight featuring two teams who’ve been waiting a combined 176 years to win the championshipt title.

Two weeks by comparison doesn’t seem so bad now does it…? Besides, I still have two weeks worth of beauty to display here. So take a deep breath, switch channels when an ad plays, stay away from talk radio, stay off social media or temporary block those friends (until after the election) whose poltical backing runs contrary to your own and then open your eyes to enjoy the gorgeous Autumn weather and Fall colors, currently playing everywhere you look…


Autumn's peek in SE Michigan

Autumn’s color not quite at peek in SE Michigan


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