Since the beginning of the school year, the boy has relied on two people to get him up and moving in the morning, his mother not being one of them. During a recent conversation with his guidance counselor when asked, “What would you like to see in a college roommate?” my bay replied, “I’m hoping he’ll wake me up for school…” I’m sure you can imagine how funny that statement struck the adults in the room.

Needless to say we have work to do.

As for his sister, she routinely sleeps through her alarms on the weekends, but somehow miraculously is able to get up and move relatively quickly in the morning. This frustrates her older brother, not because she beats him to the bathroom in the morning or into the kitchen for breakfast. This bothers him the most when we leave for school simply because she sits shotgun in the front seat, leaving him no choice but to sit in the back seat. Yesterday he implored his sister to change this trend.

“I have precedence by the virtue of having ridden shotgun for three previous three years…” He argued. “Don’t hate me simply because you can’t get to the car first…” She replied. “I haven’t been in the front seat for the majority of the school year and I’m a senior,” He tried again. “It’s not my fault your slow,” She responded. “Mom…” He implored me to intervene only I chose to laugh at his failed persuasion attempts instead. “Bay, you need to work this out amongst yourselves,” I said, before adding, “Of course, there is one really good solution you’re overlooking here,” “What’s that?” He said with a skeptical voice. “Get your driver’s license…. then you’ll always be in the front seat.” “Mom, I would, but I have to wait another ten months…” The doll replied. “Already counting down to that half birthday eh?” I asked while the boy simply grunted his unhappy reply.


This morning as we were leaving for school, the doll followed me out the door while the boy hurried to get all his belongings. “Doll give your brother a break and let him sit up front, please,” I asked. “I’M SITTING IN THE FRONT SEAT, I CALL SHOTGUN!” He yelled trying to save the coveted spot from his sister. As she approached the passenger side door, she stopped and said, “You know, he’s welcome to the front seat if he were the first one out the door in the morning. But, I’ll concede today to keep his voice from being an annoying accompaniment to school,” “Doll, sometimes making strategic moves such as these will work out for everyone in the long run,” I replied as the boy happily opened the front passenger side door and sat down, upon his wanted throne.

“Don’t get used to sitting there boy….” His sister warned as our drive to school began.


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