the future is close…


“This semester I’m taking a psychology course that involves watching movies from the 1960’s; just last Tuesday, I watched Bonnie and Clyde, which was a great movie by the way,” The admission assistant explained while trying to point out the diverse classes offered at the school, among many other on campus opportunities for student growth.

Later, while on a campus tour, he made a point of walking up at the front, his father and I noticed as he was engaged the tour guide in conversation. Every time we approached a door, he was thoughtful holding the door open for everyone in our little group, explaining, “My OCD takes over when it comes to holding the door open for others,” “Okay,” I replied and smiled amused. “Are there any questions?” the tour guide asked as he concluded his campus presentation. “Looking around the group, we all looked like deer in headlights, unable to raise any additional questions about the possible school our children might attend the following year. “Well then, this ends the tour, thank you for coming, have a safe drive home,” He offered and we walked back to the car. “Bay, what do you think?” I asked the million dollar question. “I think I’m hungry, can we go for lunch now?” He replied before asking his own million dollar question.

“Can you see yourself attending here?” I tried again. “Considering I’ll be attending college next fall, I can basically see myself attending any school,” He replied. “Bay, you are the most obtuse person I know,” I replied and he laughed. “Better to be obtuse than uninteresting,” He offered. His father smiled and tried a different tract, “Did you find anything you didn’t like about the school?” “There are plenty of hills, I’m not sure I like the idea of exercising while walking to class…” He replied. “Bay, tell me, did the stock go up for this school when she mentioned a class on 1960’s films?” I asked trying to stroke his love of films. “Yes, that put a definite check in the “pro” column” He said with a smile. “What about you mom?” My hubby asked, “I liked the campus and the student to teacher ratio, though the cost is quite prohibitive,” I acknowledged. “In addition, I’m not sure I’ll enjoy having him three hours away…” “We have to let go at some point…” Hubby said and while I know this to be true, doesn’t mean I have to like the idea very much.




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