Relief from political distress, day 6…


This morning, when I opened my Facebook page on my phone, the first thing I saw was an invitation to read something about the election which gave an unflattering opinion about one of the candidates running for President. I scrolled past only to find four more articles about the election from various folks, each noting something bad about that candidate for president. Frustrated, I clicked off Facebook and opened Twitter, hoping to find some happy news, but ran into the same problem there too.

And to think, social media used to be so fun… not so much anymore.

A friend of mine posted on her Facebook page a request for those who opposed her political leanings, to stop commenting on articles she posted to her wall. “If you want to have a frank and open discussion about the candidates, do so on your own wall, leave mine in peace.” She wrote.

Katherine Fugate, a screenwriter in Hollywood, who I read with regularity on Facebook and is a decided Hillary fan asked this question today, “I am curious. Has anything I or anyone else ever posted actually given you pause or changed your mind to vote for Hillary (or any other political figure)? Do we EVER change a mind with our posts?”

What do you think? Frankly, the only thing all those posts for both presidential candidates does for me, is to motivate me to find property in Canada to retire to. I mean, heck, regardless who wins, no one will be happy. What’s more, if one party wins more seats than the elected presidential candidate, guess what? We’ll be in for another four years of nothing being accomplished–other than law suits, more fringe activities and divisive behaviors. The election is rigged you know…except it’s not rigged against one party or the other, the election is rigged against the american people and frankly, there doesn’t seem to be a way out

So, six more days of political commentaries no one wants to read, see or be a party to. The fear being, these six days are a mirage…cuz we’re waist deep in this crud and a week won’t do much to help dig us out.


While this might look like a joke (election) the picture below represents how I feel about this last big push till Tuesday. Be careful of the slippery peals…

Yes, this last week is just bananas...

Yes, this last week is just bananas…


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