Relief from political distress, day 4…


This may sound morbid, but Mr. L and I spent today at the cemetery… wait make that cemeteries; plural. You see we’re at peak color here and well, cemeteries offer the best place to see a wide array of tree colors, unobstructed by houses, buildings and busy roads. “Why they even have a bench here…” he pointed out to me. “Ya, this is a restful place..” I added meaning, a place to sit, enjoy the colors and perhaps even pray or talk to your passed loved ones. Mr L however took what I said and replied,  “Too restful if you ask me…” Smiling I replied, “Perhaps you’re right”. “The only ones resting here are in the ground and boy there’s a lot of them here too! No sir, this place is too restful for me,” he explained. “Good thing we’re only here to look at trees then,” I offered and he nodded. “The only truth in life is death…” I remarked which made him agree before adding, “Boy that tree is beautiful..” pointing toward a gorgeous maple;  effectively changing the subject. 

Here’s to the end of the election cycle life… only 4 more days…whew! 


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