Relief from political distress, day 1…


Unless you’ve participated in early voting, tomorrow this great nation will elect a new President. This morning I watched a final push video put out by the Trump campaign which made me wonder who the speech writer was and why he hadn’t been employed in the past? To be fair, I also watched Hillary’s final push campaign video and well, she’s very polished and ready for what tomorrow holds.

Yesterday my nephew asked, “How do I explain to my children who I voted for today? How do I not feel sick picking between two despicable people?” There are no easy answers. Tomorrow one of these candidate will be voted into office, whether we like the idea or not. The best answer I can give him is to simply, vote your conscience and the find a way to live with your decisions and then hope everyone else can too.

Good luck to your candidate but more importantly, good luck (God Bless) to our nation.


As said in the past, this election is for the birds…

a contemplating Titmouse...

a contemplating Titmouse…

Bluejays waiting their turn...

Blue Jays waiting their turn…

ah hem, ya, who invited the squirrel to the party?

ah hem, ya, who invited the squirrel to the party?






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