a case of being right…


Every since my doll came out of my womb, she has had her days and nights mixed up. I can remember putting her in a “swing” at the foot of my bed at night hoping the back and forth motion would lull her to sleep so I could catch a few winks during that lull. Of course, once that “swing” slowly came to a halt, so did my chance for sleep because, like an alarm clock, my doll was up and raring to go regardless the time of day or night.

Not much has changed in the fourteen years she’s spent on this earth, except we no longer employ a swing to trick her into sleep. But her penchant for staying up late (even when she does not want to) is still alive and well. As such, her normal behavior following school each day is to sit down on our love seat sofa, put a blanket on her lap and promptly fall asleep. “Doll…” I say, shaking her shoulder until she opens her eyes, “Why don’t you go lay down in your own bed-where it’s comfortable, instead of on this little couch?” I’ve said more often times than I can count. Her eyes usually flutter open for a moment before she pulls the blanket up closer and back to dreamland she goes.

Last week, I shampooed our living room carpet which made the love seat unavailable for sleeping so the doll disappeared into her bedroom. When she reemerged all discombobulated and tired looking a few hours later she said, “You know what mom, you were actually right about my bed being more comfortable than the love seat. I fell asleep hard…” “Excuse me, what?” I replied. “Sigh, you were right about that love seat…” She replied. “Nice. Thank you doll for acknowledging that I am not always the “idiot” you perceive me to be and that I can be right about a few things…” I replied. “You want to know why I never tell you this?” She offered, “Because you gloat every time,” She added and I laughed. “Doll, until you’re about 25-28 years old, I won’t ever be right so hearing you say so now, is alright…” I added with a laugh.

“Whatever mom…” She said and rolled her eyes.


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