quarter one


Last week the first quarter grades arrived and though I’m able to access them online, seeing the official hard copy always seems more satisfying. “Looky here, the doll has first honors and the boy made second…” I said when they arrived home from school. “Way to go doll..” The boy offered. “Where did you land after your first quarter of school?” She asked her brother. “I don’t remember…” He replied, seemingly uninterested. “He was first honors too, but hasn’t been back there since,” I said. “Don’t hold your breath mom, I’m happy with second honors…” He said before exiting the room. “I’m really happy with my grade point average,” She said, adding, “I’m hoping to keep them high too..” Smiling at her I replied, “Just do your best. That’s all we’ll ever ask of you,” I said for the umpteenth time in her life.

Yesterday, the doll began to yell, “Mum Mum Mum!!” excitedly from the living room. “What?” I returned with a hint of annoyance thrown in for good measure. She came bouncing into the kitchen carrying her iPad and handed her device to me. “What’s this?” I asked as she instructed me to read.  “Congratulations! You have been nominated for membership in your High School chapter of the National Art Honor Society,” I read. Looking up at my doll, once I completed the full read I said, “Way to go doll… very impressive,” I added.

She was literally bouncing up and down. “Has the boy every been invited to join this group?” She asked. “Considering he’s never taken an art class…” I said leading the doll to reply, “Oh yeah”. “But he’s never been invited to join the National Honor Society either. You are the only with that distinction in our family…” I explained as a broad smile crossed her face.

A few hours later when the boy returned home from his weekend jaunt to Grammy’s, the doll said, “Hey bay, look at this…” and then handed him letter displayed on her iPad. Taking a quick glance he said, “Hey, that’s great! Way to go Lee (short for Dol-LY)!!” Then offered a fist bump to her. “I’m being out shined by my little sister..” He said, adding, “Guess I’m going to have to do something about that…” She looked back at her brother with suspicion and said, “You’re overselling your happiness for me…” which caused him to burst out in laughter before replying, “Well, I am happy if you’re happy,” He offered.

And….she is very happy.






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