an unwholesome bay…


On average, I work out every morning in my living room after taking the kids to school. But this week, I had to accompany Mrs. K to two early morning appointments, which forced me to wake up earlier than usual, to get that work out in; before taking the kids to school. Yesterday, while working out, the boy walked into the living room, paused for a moment, looked down at me then said, “Way to go mom!” then lingered a moment longer. “Thanks, Bay!” I replied while I continued my ab work.  “You know, ” He began again, “Every morning I hear you making unwholesome noises in here which give me pause before I enter the room”.

Let me ask, have you ever tried to do “around-the-world sit-ups while laughing? While doing so may be great for your  overall ab work, but I can tell you with absolute certainty, don’t. “What?” I asked. “All those grunts and groans that emanate from you give off a distinct unwholesomeness vibe to me.” He explained. Stopping I sat up and looked back at him then said, “I think what you find as unwholesome is actually the act of working out…”

As one might suspect, he grunted in reply then turned and exited the room. Once my laughter subsided, I went back to working out, employing those “Unwholesome” noises all along the way.


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