the roundabout…


We were standing in a food aisle, looking for a large jar of Natural peanut butter and sugar free grape jam when the doll scolded me. “What’s this?” She asked picking up the large (8oz) package of gummy bears I had placed inside the cart. “Doll, you know what they are,” I replied then went back to studying the food choices before me. “Mom, I mean what is this doing in your cart?” Sigh, “What do you think?” I replied knowing full well she was about to give me a lecture. “Mom, we are not going to have you addicted to gummy bears again,” She scolded. “I’m not addicted, not really. I mean I can give them up and have in the past, I just have a hankering for them at the moment…” I replied. “But you know…” She began but I countered, “Why don’t you pick out some chocolate for yourself?” I said hoping she’d take the offer. “Wait, what?” She replied trying to understand the choice she was given. “Why don’t you pick out something you’d like to eat…” I offered again. “Nice try Mum, trying to pull the old bait and switch…” She replied, though her interest was obviously piqued. “Is it working?” I asked and smiled when she placed a bag of chocolate and raspberry nibbles into the cart. “What do you think?” She said before we moved onto the next aisle.




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