throwing salt…


The other day, my doll decided to make pumpkin pies, as a precursor to helping her aunt make pies for our large family’s Thanksgiving extravaganza. “Mom, do you mind if I change the recipe a little?” She asked. “Not at all,” I replied, because she tends to be an innovator when she bakes. Besides, so long as the pie tastes sweet, the boys  will be eat them. Her big change? She used egg whites only, so I could partake in the pie as well.

In any case, while making the pies, he spilled a large amount of salt on the ground and lamented, “I have the worst luck!” “Doll, maybe you should do something to correct your luck…” I said. Looking at me she took the Morton Salt container, repopend the top and then attempted to “throw” salt over her left shoulder. Instead, she proceeded to throw salt up into the air, into her hair and left eye. “OW Mum!!!” She cried while I (the mean mom that I am) laughed and admonished her to clean up the mess.

Since her salt “throwing” day, the doll has, in her words, “Had a run of bad luck”: On Saturday, she accompanied me to the grocery store and even though the day was wet and windy, the snow the forecasters had been promising, really hadn’t been much of a factor. Yet, when the time came for us to leave the store, incredibly the parking lot was covered in the white stuff. Ice pellets (resembling snow), blown by the frenetic wind then, hit us like cold little spears. “O my God Mum, this wind!” She yelled as we quickly loaded my car with groceries. When we finally got into the car ourselves, the doll was covered with snow. Looking over at me she exclaimed, “That darn salt!”

“Mum…” She whined on Sunday, “I stubbed my toe on the floor…how does this happen?” before lamenting about salt being the root cause to all her anxieties.

Yesterday she suffered from a stomach virus, “Mum, the throwing salt incident is trying to murder me,” She explained on her way back to bed.

So last night I decided to help her “cleanse” away the bad luck. “Doll let’s look and see what you can do…” I said hoping things like, “Get a good night’s rest” might be one of the solutions.

Instead this is the list that popped up:

  1. Use salt. Salt is considered good luck by many cultures in the world. …
  2. Don’t throw away pieces of broken mirror. …
  3. Burn incense. …
  4. Carry protective charms. …
  5. Burn sage. …
  6. Use crystals and stones. …
  7. Do a good deed. …
  8. Cleanse your chakras with fresh flowers

Looking back at me she said, “No thank you…the number one answer is what got me into this mess in the first place. With my luck I’ll only make things worse.”

Smiling back at her I replied, “Well, if it were me…I’d aim for a good night’s rest so you’re more awake to make you’re own luck…” “It’s not my fault I don’t sleep well, Jeeze Mum, you’re no help,” She replied. “Whatever doll, just don’t blame me if your luck gets any worse…” I offered and then dropped the subject.

This morning she informed me she may have gotten up to 6 hours of sleep last night (small miracle) Smiling at her I replied, “Well that’s the first step…”



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