little conversations…


I love listening in on little conversations between my kids while we travel to and from school. Each conversation is a little window into who they are in relation to one another. Not so long ago, the boy could embarrass the doll simply by being in the same room, Thankfully, for the most part, that stage has ended so now when they engage the other in conversation, they tend to extend respect to one another (kinda).

Yesterday afternoon on the ride home from school, the kids were talking about their planned outing with the Film Club to see the movie, Dr. Strange. As the boy ran down the list of who was and who was not coming he added, “Yes your boy friend “J” can’t come…” Naturally, she did not like his inference… “He’s not by boy friend (actually he’s her crush),” She shot back at him. “Two sides of the same coin,” He argued. “You’re not making sense,” She replied (But when does he ever? I wanted to interject, but didn’t) “I’m making perfect sense… I can call him your “boyfriend” the same way you always infer my friend Alexa is my girlfriend,” He argued. “Not the same thing at all boy,” She tried. “The exact same thing and so no we’re on equal footing,” He replied. “Mum…” She said trying to get me to intervene. “Bay, be nice,” I said and with the next breath added, “You do the same doll,” which did nothing for her, but looking through my rear view window, I caught a smile creasing her brother’s face.




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