Screen door 1…


Comic relief arrived in the late evening hours of Thanksgiving night, even though at the time, we were unaware how much we needed that hearty laugh until the moment arrived. Of course I had my back turned and missed all the action, but the erupting laughter and the sight of my son grinning ear to ear caused a smile to erupt across my face too as I joined the others in laughing along with my son.

The boy’s explanation… 

My uncle Bill’s house was the setting for Thanksgiving dinner and all the cold drinks were kept on his back porch accessed from the kitchen by a sliding glass and screen door. I opened the sliding glass door to exit the house so I could grab a bottle of water and closed the door behind me to keep the various dogs inside from running outside unattended. While I was outside, I engaged in conversation with my Uncle Don and Aunt Carol about my possible college future. Once our conversation came to a close, I turned and opened the sliding door and proceeded to walk into the screen door with such force that I bounced off but shook the door frame making a loud “bonk” noise in the process.

That’s when everyone began to laugh.

Realizing that everyone was aware of what happened, I smiled, slowly opened up the screen door and said, “Let’s try this again,” before re-entering the house carrying a broad smile with me. That’s when my cousin Adam said, “I don’t know Bay, even though you may have gotten a 31 on your ACT,  that screen door just took you to school. Screen door one-Boy-Zero.”

Which caused everyone including me, to laugh even harder.




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