how sick is sick enough?


What happens when an unsympathetic sister meets her sickly brother? Between them, not a heck of a lot. Between mother and child? Well, that’s a whole other story…

The Premise: The boy has a bad cold which could potentially turn into for Flu.

Prior to his (flu confirming) fever popping up, the doll complained her brother was only pretending to be sick so he didn’t have to go to church with me that morning. “He needs to suck it up and stop playing the sick card. So what if he has a cold, big deal!” She lamented. Talking to her father I said, “He doesn’t have a fever, but I’ll give him this, he looks awful.” “What makes that different from any other day?” She snarked. “Doll, be nice,” I said before being hit with a full on assault of negativity.

“You always treat him better than you do me. If I’m sick you never give me the benefit of the doubt, you always make me get up and ready for school or whatever. But with him, he merely tells you he doesn’t feel well and poof, he’s home sick,” She said loudly and sternly at me.

“Are you done?” I asked. Standing her ground, she crossed her arms, looked back at me and nodded. “Okay, words of wisdom doll, first things first… men inherently are wusses/babies. Doesn’t matter how old they are, on average, when they don’t feel well, they are big pains in the butt. As for your brother, not too long ago you were sick and stayed home for three of the five days of school that week. Yes, you went back probably a day to early, but that was a decision we made together when your fever broke.  So don’t tell me I give in to him more leeway than you and lastly, if not most importantly, when did you become the parent?”

She looked back at me sternly before opening her mouth the speak, “What?” “Simple question doll, but I’ll repeat it for you, When did you become the boy’s parent?” I asked again. “I don’t understand where you’re going…” She said in reply. “That’s right, you don’t because I’m the mom not you. I get you believe we give him special treatment, but I assure you that’s not the case. We treat both of you equally bad…or good depending on the moment something happens. That’s what being a parent of two children is… but if you perceive that I favor him over you, then that sucks for you, because I can see when he might think I show more favor or you,” I said before adding,” In the meantime, get your coat, we’re going to be late,” leaving for church a minute later.

That afternoon he sparked a temperature and his sister when told, simply replied, “He has the same thing I had and should be fine in a day or so”.

Thank you, Doctor doll…


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