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Bonus material….


Yesterday, a friend on Facebook, wondered what people who lived through the Great Depression and World Wars would think of many people’s collective thoughts that 2016 was the worst year on record. I didn’t comment back, because there are no right or wrong answers to that question; only perspectives.

For my family, 2016 wasn’t too bad:

  • My doll graduated 8th grade
  • My son scored fantastically on the ACT
  • My doll began her High School experience
  • My son began thinking about college and where he’d like to attend next year.
  • As a family, we vacationed in Montana and celebrated Christmas in July, complete with snow.
  • My father turned 95 and continues to thrive.
  • My hubby spent a nice R&R week in Florida with his mom, brother and Aunts
  • I spent a long weekend in NYC enjoying the sites, making and renewing friendships, visiting w/family.
  • Enjoyed hearing my doll inform me (with envy) the boy is friends with every person in the school.
  • Watched the boy have a wonderful Christmas Eve where his affability was on full display.

Where 2016 faltered is easy… The tenth inning of game 7 for my beloved Cleveland Indians. But even then, considering their opponent was the Chicago Cubs, one couldn’t be that unhappy–especially for the Cleveland fans who made a small fortune selling their game 7 tickets to rich Cub’s fans.


Of course, 2016 will also go down as a difficult year for many other reasons…

  • My GERD diagnosis only to find out (after spending $$$ on various inconclusive tests and various doctors) I don’t have GERD, but rather have been experiencing an allergic reaction to ineffective allergy medications and dog urine.
  • My growing-up children who make writing blogs about them, very difficult.

Yes, this past year there have been many perspectives, employing different lenses to view them through.  Some happy, some sad and some downright scary. Yet we muddled through, shared many laughs, sarcastic moments (bay!), some beautiful, some not, some… still evolving.

Then we start over again…

Here’s hoping our many perspectives of 2017,  live up to every dream, wish or hope you have in your hearts for the year to hold.

Happy New Year!

Marsha, Hubby, The boy (bay) and The doll







As you’ve read over the years, there isn’t much I won’t due to ensure my children’s happiness, whether spending fifty bucks on a soon to be dead hamster or making the boy walk the neighborhood, picking up garbage to teach him how to be a good neighbor to all–even the other dumb boys who bully him. Over these last six years, my babies have grown exponentially into a very imaginative, intelligent and cool young man and lady whom I couldn’t be more proud, if I tried.

Today’s look back, takes us to the first year I began writing this blog and is a two-part story. While this technically did not take place at Christmastime, this does involve many of the presents the doll received for Christmas (one in particular), over the years. I invite you to read both blogs, because honestly,  I can’t believe I was smart enough to come up with a solution that worked!

Also, for anyone living with a seven to eight year old child… perhaps allowing them to watch the original movie, Poltergeist (or something similar) isn’t that great of and idea…


Calling out…


Some things have not changed over the years….

  1. Our expectations that the children do their best in school
  2. They be considerate of others
  3. The realization that calling me a Mean Mommy doesn’t hurt my feelings, because,
  4.  I am, a Mean Mommy.

Today’s look back blog takes us back three years to when the boy received the greatest Christmas gift ever… well, at least I thought so…


pulling off a scab…


Last night, as I perused through the over 1,800 blogs I’ve written over the last six years, I found myself smiling at the many time capsules I found. “Bay, do you still have Elvira and Henrietta?” I asked him. “Excuse me?” He replied. “You know, Elvira and Henrietta…” I replied with a smile. “I have no idea what you are referencing, but I don’t have anything here by those names,” He answered. “Flashlights… the larger one you called Henrietta because she cast a bright light for you to find the bathroom in the middle of the night…” I replied. Giving me an odd–“You made this up” look, he returned, “Um, I don’t have any flashlights in here”. I couldn’t help but laugh at our mutual memory loss of those flashlights; only remembered by a short blog written for and about a boy and his sister, doll.

While this technically isn’t a “Christmas” story, the subject at hand was a Christmas present, therefore it fits the criteria for this week of funny blogs. I will say, I can’t ever forget this story because my doll won’t let me. Every time I’ve mentioned her luck with rodents, she’s replied, “Thanks for pulling off that scab, Mom” which puts a smile on my face every single time.



Ordinarily I’d have blogs written about our Christmas just passed and have them posted yesterday and today. But alas, my work schedule has locked me out of blog writing time. Therefore, I’m reposting some of my all time funniest “Christmastime” blogs. After six and a half years of blogging almost every single day, I’m sure to find a few you don’t remember or never read at all. But if not…thank you for reading all these years! 

Car talk…. | Mean Mommy’s Memoir

Going My Way…


Busy busy day here, as such, while Mrs. K and I “watch” the movie, Going My Way, I’m going to write this blog… hopefully it will all make sense.

Last night on Facebook I filled out a “get to know you better” questionnaire that has been popping up in my timeline and I thought, this would be the perfect tool for a blog about my kids… so here goes:

1) who were you named after? 

Doll: no one, really, but middle name is Irish version of Great Grammy. 

Boy: no one, but middle name was my papaw’s middle name too.

2) When was the last time you cried? 

Doll: when my stress lotion exploded upon impact at school…

Boy: when this friend of mine, who coincidentally, has had a difficult life, read a poem she wrote.

3)Do you like your handwriting? 

Doll: (guffaw) No!

Boy: sure, why not? 

For the record, the boy’s handwriting is hideous. 

4)  What is your favorite lunch meat? 

Doll: I don’t like lunch meat

Boy: Ham

5) Do you use sarcasm? 

Doll: she simply stared at me

Boy: yes, every chance I get

6) Do you still have your tonsils?

Both: Yes

7) Would you bungee jump?

Doll: if the harness was safe and there were matts to catch me in case they weren’t, then yes.

Boy: No

8) What is your favorite cereal?

Doll: Pass

The boy: Honey Nut Cheerios 

9) Do you untie your shoes at night before taking them off?

Both: Nope

10) Do you think you’re strong?

Doll: (Without missing a beat) No!

Boy: ‘Strong’ is a relative term, if for strength I’d say no, if for emotions I’d say yes. 

11) what is your favorite ice cream?

Doll: Hmm…. Cookies and Cream

Boy: Chocolate cookie dough 

12) what is the first thing you notice about someone? 

Doll: Personality 

Boy: I don’t pay enough attention to notice things about people.

13) what is your favorite smell? 

Doll: Water–fountains, oceans, you know, water. 

Boy: my nose isn’t that great to discern smells… but I guess pizza. 

Afterward I remarked that I chose cookies baking in the oven. As a matter of course, he then asked me to change his answer to mine.

14) what is your favorite color? 

Doll: Violet 

Boy: I’m a non descript kind of guy… but I suppose blue Jean colored blue

I don’t know about you, that sounds rather descriptive to me.

15) name the last movie you saw? 

Doll: Fantastic Beasts 

Boy: Moana

16) What is your favorite holiday? 

Both: (Surprisingly) Halloween 

Boy: (Qualifier) but I get more hyped up for Christmas.

17) What is the least favorite thing about yourself?

Doll: I don’t know there’s a lot… being anxious I guess.

*breaks my heart to hear her say this, but she is almost 15 and I had a long list back then too

boy: I’m doofy. “What’s doofy?””I walk around not really interested in anything other than I’m interested in…” 

18) What was the last thing you ate?

Doll: Veggie Straws last night

Boy: had a nice bowl of cereal for breakfast and then had a bag of Veggie Straws. 

19) Scary Movies or Happy?

Doll: Both

Boy: happy–fun movies.

20) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

Doll: You 

Boy: My Grammy.


Well, they’re really not all that interesting or different from most teenagers, but I happily claim them as mine!  I have to admit too, many of their answers fell under the category, “The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree”.


Merry Christmas! 

Sentiment taken….


Years ago when my bay was four years old, he experienced his first true case of separation anxiety: he allowed his best friend, “Pooh bear” to spend the night at his Preschool along with twenty other teddy bears. While he didn’t have too hard of a time leaving the bear at school, going to bed that night was another story. After several stories by both his father and me, he drifted off to sleep, presumably dreaming of his many adventures with that trusty bear. When we arrived to school the next morning, to this day, I have never witnessed my son move with such speed; to gather up his buddy and make sure everything was fine.

Except this wasn’t fine. Not. At. All.

Apparently some of the bears, without their human companion to keep them out of trouble, broke into the teacher’s lounge, drank caffeinated beverages and went a little crazy. We entered the classroom to find bears hanging from the ceiling tiles, toilet paper streamers wrapped around windows and a general mess of paper, art supplies and toys strewn everywhere you might imagine. But the one thing we did not find was the boy’s Pooh bear. You can imagine how we felt when all the other kids bears were accounted for, yet my sensitive son’s best friend was nowhere to be found. Now imagine how the Preschool teachers felt after I let them have it for losing my Christopher Robin’s, Winnie the Pooh. “Marsha, I assure you he’s here somewhere, just give us time to locate him, please,” The principal implored. “All I can say is you better find him,” I said to her while scrapping my afternoon plans, so I could take the boy to a McDonald’s Playland to direct his mind away his missing buddy.

Two hours later they called saying they had located the bear and together we concocted a plausible story so the boy would understand why his bear was hiding when he came to school that morning. Thankfully, the boy bought the story-though in hindsight, I don’t think the story mattered as much as having his best friend back in his arms.


When I picked the kids up from school on Tuesday, the boy mentioned he needed to take Pooh Bear to school with him for his drama class exam. “No, sorry, you’re not allowed to take him,” I replied and was met by an odd laugh “Why?” from the doll. “Bay, don’t you remember the last time you took your bear to school? You made me promise to never let the bear go to school with you ever again, because school was no place for a silly old bear…” He smiled and said, “I faintly remember…” “The great teddy bear sleepover…” I began and recounted the tale for them both to hear. “Regardless, I need to take a stuffed animal of some sort tomorrow,” He said when I concluded. “Your sister has boxes of them..” “But she shot me down, “No, they are off limits,”. “Doll, I’m not going to lose your animal…” The boy tried and failed to convince his sister. “You know what? I have the perfect stuffed animal for you to take…’Corben.’ I think he’s in the attic…you can take him to school and better yet, leave him there,” I offered.

“Who or what’s a corben?” The doll asked. “Back in high school, a boyfriend bought me a giant stuffed animal because he couldn’t win one at a carnival or something. In any case, it’s upstairs in the attic, I think. You can take him to school…” I explained. “Why did you name it Corben?” She wondered. “Because I liked the names Cori and Ben and I thought this was a good marriage of the two,” I replied. “Bay, when we get home, ask your dad to get it out of the attic for you,” I tried again. “Well if you liked those names, why didn’t you name the boy Corben?” The doll persisted. “Because tastes change over time and considering I have a niece Cori and nephew named Ben…those names were pretty much taken,” I replied and she finally dropped the subject. “Okay, mom,” the boy replied.


Yesterday, immediately after dropping him off, my cell phone rang, “Hellooo Mom!” The boy on the other end said, “You forgot that stuffed animal right?” “Yes, could you get that giant stuffed bear and bring him to school for me, pretty please?” “Tell me why you didn’t get that thing out of the attic yesterday, like I asked you to?” I replied. “I don’t know, I had it on my mind when I entered the house, but then I stopped to eat something and suffered from food amnesia,” He explained. “Food amnesia?” I replied with a chuckle. “Yes, that’s right, the moment I began to eat, all other important thoughts vanished from my cerebral cortex. “Food amnesia? Really, that’s your excuse?” I asked again, now laughing out loud. “I think there is a scientific term, but food amnesia seems to be the best answer,” He said in his most cavalier voice, before adding,  “so could you please bring your stuffed beast to school?” He replied. “When do you need it?”I asked and then received the details to hurry home to retrieve the bear.


“I’d like to thank the boy for…” #awardpractice

After digging around in the attic for a few minutes, I pulled the large bear (who turned out to be a dog-go figure!) from the attic crawl space and tried not to sneeze too much at the 35 yrs of dust which had accumulated on it’s coat. When I walked into school office and handed the toy to the school secretary, she smiled and said, “I’ll leave it right here for him…” I smiled back and reinforced what I told him, “Tell him he’s not allowed to bring this home please”. She smiled in reply and wished me a Merry Christmas as I turned to leave, allowing me to do the same to her and then left.


“Well….?” I asked when the boy entered the car after school, “The dog worked great. In fact, he was used in several skits thereafter. In my skit, he was an employee,” he said. “Did you find the dumpster afterward?” I asked. “No, he’s now become an unofficial member of our drama class and club, though his neck is hemorrhaging cotton balls…” he explained. “Oh, there’s a rip?” I wondered. “Yes, so I have to get him sewed up, but he’ll remain there as a prop for future skits and improv sessions,” He said with a smile. “Yes!” I said, happy Corben had found a new life outside my house . “Oh and Mom, just so you know, Pooh bear would have been fine here, but I’m glad you insisted on Corben, he’s hilarious.” Smiling I nodded my head at (finally) having a good idea the boy actually approved.

Though, don’t I doubt he’ll ever admit…