Not unlike the rest of this week, this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write. The biggest obstacle for my inability to write much lately, has to be my children and their thoroughly uninteresting lives (at the moment). Some of this has to do with a nasty flu bug we’re finally eradicating from our household. The doll came down with a fever three weeks ago, quickly followed by a cold from hell and a week of feeling achy, tired and well, cruddy. Last Friday, the boy presented similar symptoms and spent much of this week home in bed, coughing, complaining and looking “messed” around and feeling equally cruddy.  Yesterday he went back to school and promptly lost his voice, which, if I may say, has been quite humorous.

We’ve all joked from time to time about a friend who loves to hear him/herself talk and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has said this about me in the past. I mean, heck, in eighth grade I was voted most likely to host a talk show after all, but I digress. If someone were to ask me to name someone who loves to converse about a wide range of subjects, I would look no further than my seventeen year old son, Bay. One of the reasons people are so attracted to him is his ability to treat everyone the same–in that, if you have working ears, he’s willing to talk them off. At school he’s loved by the school administration and faculty alike for his interest in striking up a conversation with everyone, regardless of position. So when he lost his voice, he lost a huge part of his personality. As such, he’s very eager to get his voice back.

“Mom, I think this is caused by dehydration…” He wrote on the notes app on his iPod. “Bay, it’s caused by having a cold trying to push into your chest. Have you taken the Mucinex?” I replied. Looking back he quickly began typing on his iPod and then handed it back to me, “That doesn’t work. I need more hydration, like a humidifier for my room, some fresh watermelon, cantaloupe and plenty of water”. “Okay, we have a humidifier in the basement, the other stuff you’ll have to wait until tomorrow…but you must take the Mucinex because you’re wrong, that’s what’s keeping this cold from entering you chest,” I replied. “You’re wrong, you know,” He wrote back. “So be it, take the damn pill,” I replied, handing him the, well,  damned pill. “I’m going to research the internet for home solutions…” He typed then handed me his device. “K…” A few minutes later he was busy boiling water and preparing a t-spoon of honey to mix in and then sip. “I was told this is good for sore throats,” He typed. “Well, it certainly won’t hurt,” I replied.


When I arrived home from work today, the boy approached me with his iPod and flashed, “Cantaloupe is very tasty, good,” which made me smile and reply, “Yes, all these years I’ve been trying to get you to eat good tasting melons and you’ve shunned me. Now you know, I was trying to give you a healthy and delicious treat,” I replied, as he flashed another screen that read, “Thank You”. Looking at him I smiled and said, “You know, I’m kind of liking how quiet my house is…” Which made him smile and grimace at the same time. “Bay, do you at least feel better–lost voice not included?” I asked. “He smiled and nodded in reply. “Well at least that’s something…”


Next week will be a stretch to find writing time as well, but I will give you my best shot. For now, Happy Friday and hellooo weekend and an effort to disinfect the house.


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