Hazy shade of Winter…


“Time, time, time, See what’s become of me…”

As the end of the year draws near, the doll has been lamenting lately about her lost “youth”. “How can 2017 be next month already ?” She has asked me numerous times over the last few days, but instead of responding, I’ve only looked at her with amusement. “I mean seriously, last month was eighth grade graduation, last week the first day of school, yesterday….ugh!” She continued to complain, moving onto how time is fleeting and before long, she’d  be graduating from high school (with honors of course), off to school and finding a husband. “Before you know it Mom, I’ll have my degree and a family of my own!” Shaking her head back and forth in disgust she added once more, “How can we almost be to the year 2017?”

Smiling back at her I replied, “Take pity dear child…” and of course she looked at me oddly. “You should be taking pity on me….”She tried.  “Take pity on you?  Sorry. Take pity on your parents…” I replied, as she looked back at me  unamused. “Consider this…” I began, “Yesterday  for your dad and I, you were a new born. Every time we blink, you and your brother seem to grow in leaps in bounds. I mean really, how is he old enough to start college in the fall?”

She looked back at me and nodded, before adding a little snark, “Yeah,  this fast moving time thingy, must suck for you old folks….”

Yes, but it’s much worse for your father…” I replied with a wink for good measure, which brought a nice smile to both our faces. Meanwhile my husband, who sat nearby,  looked at both of us, unamused. 




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