salty situations…


“Doll, go to bed,” I told her the other night but was met with, “I’m not asleep…” “Only resting your eyes, eh?” I asked but was not answered.   “Doll, go to bed,” I tried the next time I walked past my drowsing daughter, snuggled under a blanket on the love seat. “Doll…” I tried again and each time was met with either a smile, a grimace and a “I’m not asleep,” reply. Finally, tired of seeing her sleeping in the living room, I pulled the throw blanket off her frame and watched my daughter turn into a rattle snake.

“MOM WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM???” She shouted. “In your words, ‘I never sleep at night’, you won’t sleep tonight if you take a nap out here. Go to bed, get into a comfortable position and get some rest,” I replied-though my reply fell on deaf ears as she continued to hit me with a barrage of unkind words for having just woke up. “THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU. WHY ARE YOU TAKING PLEASURE IN TORTURING ME? JEEZ MOM, GO A WAY!”

“Whatever doll, but, if you’re going to behave this way and take naps during the late evening hours only to keep yourself UP all night, then I won’t feel sorry for you…” I began but was interrupted by, “GOOD!!” “So obey your Mother and go to bed…” I tried. “NO! I REFUSE!” she replied. “Go. To. Bed.” I replied. “NO! AND IF I WERE YOU, I’D STOP ASKING BECAUSE YOU’VE GOT ME SO WORKED UP I’M GOING TO DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING YOU SAY!” “Okay,” I began, “Stay up….” I finished. “NO, I… I’LL GO WHEN I’M GOOD AND READY!”

From up the stairs her father who was in bed trying to sleep, yelled down, “GO TO BED RIGHT NOW!!!”

But like me, she ignored him.

“Doll, I think this would be in your best interest to do as I say. You’re not a baby throwing a tantrum, you’re fourteen. If I talked back to my mother/father this way I would have been met with a slap or worse. Now I’ve told you to go to bed, several times over and even though I think you may have worked yourself up-awake, you need to go to your room soon or you will lose, big time. I’m not going to tell you again,” I explained. She looked sternly at me and headed off to her bedroom. An hour later she approached to say goodnight adding, “I’m sorry I was being so rude. I was minding my own business, sleeping peacefully on the love seat when you woke me up which caused me to be so salty toward you”.

Smiling back I said, “Well at least you admitted you were sleeping–which you refused to do earlier. In any case, sweet dreams,” and then accepted her apology before adding, “Good night!”



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