A New York Hangover…


When I arrived home Monday afternoon following my long weekend in New York City, I ate some hot soup, unpacked my overstuffed suitcase and then took a two hour nap. My husband was a bit surprised by my exhaustion, but Lord knows, squeezing in so many adventures into a very short time frame is exhausting in a city that apparently never sleeps.


Bus #1 ready for some fun

On Thursday morning, my travel buddy Cathie and I caught an early morning flight and arrived in the city, learning a valuable lesson–never take an airport shuttle to the hotel unless you have plenty of time to waste–which we did not. You see, the reason we took this trip to New York in the first place was in support of an Indigogo campaign to produce the fifth season of Venice the Series, a web soap. While I admit this may sound silly, this project was a means to an end–we had a reason to visit the NYC and early that same afternoon, we had an event to attend. After exchanging texts with friends staying at the same hotel, once our shuttle dropped us off (an hour and a half later), we handed them our bags and then ran several blocks to make the event–a two hour bus tour of Manhattan with the lead Actress and Executive Producer of the show, Crystal Chappell and her long time (camera shy) publicist, Leslie Penny; arriving with mere minutes to spare.

"6 dogs w/mustard, a pretzel and a water..."

“6 dogs w/mustard, a pretzel and a water…”

Once the bus commenced, in addition to seeing various sites around the city, Ms. Chappell engaged us riders answering all sorts of questions in regards to her Emmy award winning work (Olivia Spencer) on the long time Daytime Drama, The Guiding Light along with her other soap work on One Life to Live (Maggie-the juggling nun) and Days of Our Lives (Carly Manning); not to mention Venice, the web series we were all there to help support.


A brief and chilly stop to see the Statue of Liberty off in the distance


A nice silhouette of the grand Dame…

In all, our two hour trip was very entertaining. As my friend Cathie would later explain, “This felt like we were on a tour with old friends catching up while getting a unique look at the city we were calling home for the next four days”. Not to mention, finding good touristy sites to try and revisit later.



#Some photographs are courtesy of Judy Belt


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