NYC–the first day…


In September of 2014, my travel buddy Cathie and I flew to Los Angeles on the premise to attend fan club events for Open Book Productions and Venice the Series, which offered us a unique opportunity to meet several cast members from various web soaps produced by Crystal Chappell’s production company. But what really made that trip memorable for me was finally meeting many of the people I had been conversing with over the years, on Twitter and in Chappell’s fan club. Thus some of the connections we made with other fans back then carried forward to this trip and helped make our New York City adventure all more fun.

Aussie treats

Aussie treats

Shortly after we made our flight and hotel arrangements, I was contacted by Karen from Queensland, Australia wondering about our travel dates and hotel accommodations so she could line up her vacation with ours. “You know, you and Cathie made a wonderful impression on me and my family, back in LA…” She explained to us Thursday afternoon while she handed us both gifts and treats from her Australian homeland. “We loved talking to and hanging out with you, your mom and sisters, as well,” We both replied. Karen also invited another mutual friend Alexis, from the DC area to come along for the weekend, who ostensibly became our Broadway “guru” and unofficial New York City tour guide.

My handsome nephews....

My handsome nephews….

That evening, after exchanging text messages with my nephews (who live in the city), the four of us walked a few blocks past Times Square and met the boys at Mickey Spillane’s American Restaurant for an evening of good food, drinks and wonderful conversations. Afterward, as we walked back toward our hotel, the four of us excitedly discussed the many possibilities the next few days could hold for us. 

Yet, for me, I knew the days ahead would have an awfully hard time competing with our first day in New York City.





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