NYC walkabout…


Alexis, Cathie and Karen waiting in the Rush ticket line

Alexis, Cathie and Karen waiting in the Rush ticket line

Over the next two days we were tourists on a mission to ascertain theater tickets to any Broadway play/musical we could find that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and also to see as much of the city as we possibly could. Thanks in large part to Alexis’ knowledge and early morning rush ticket prowess, we purchased tickets to see the thoroughly entertaining farce, Something Rotten, Friday night and the absolutely fabulous The Color Purple, Saturday at their matinee show and used our in between time to walk and see as much of everything as we could.


Looking down upon the New Years ball that will drop at midnight, January 1.

With help from my nephew Bryan, we saw more than we could have ever imagined…

Thursday night at Mickey Spillane’s American Restaurant, he invited the four of us to visit his law firms main office located in the heart of Times Square, which gave us a unique 360 degree perspective of Manhattan from the 40th floor of the building. Karen, an attorney by trade in Australia, was also particularly interested in visiting with Bryan, discussing the differences between their legal system and ours. All the while we  “Ooh’d and Aah’d” at the spectacular views of the city. One particular point to note, we especially enjoyed looking down upon the “New Years Ball” they drop every January 1st at Midnight.

Photo by Karen Pike

Photo by Karen Pike

We also were blessed to meet and share lunch Friday, with more Venice The Series (or as we’ve come to be known, #VeniceNation) fans at the Rattle and Hum who were also in town attending the various events offered. This is what I particularly enjoyed the most; getting to talk and conversely getting to know one another better. There is a lesson in meeting someone in person for the first time, versus talking to them online. The lesson being, we are far more similar, than different. Regardless our walks of life, jobs, ages, orientations, etc, we are all strong women who live, love and hope for a better tomorrow and bridging gaps to friendship isn’t a bad way to start.







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