NYC final day…


Our final, full day in New York City was filled with goodbyes, hello’s, laughs and celebrities. Yes, Cathie and I had a full day from start to finish. But in NYC you either go big or you go home and home was still a day away…

Window display at Saks Fifth Avenue

Window display at Saks Fifth Avenue

Cardinal Dolan walking up the main aisle at the start of mass

We woke early to bid farewell to our friends Karen and Alexis, who left for our nation’s capital. “Jack of all tour guides” Alexis, invited our Australian friend for a grand tour of the monuments and outlet malls. About the time their train was pulling out of the station, we were happily marveling at the Saks Fifth Avenue Christmas window displays, as we walked past on our way to St. Patrick’s Cathedral (America’s Catholic Church), to attend their 10:15 choral mass. Once we entered the church, we stopped, lit a few candles for loved ones then tried to find a seat. One would think due to the sheer size of the church, finding a seat would be simple. However, oddly enough, the pews were designed to only allow you to enter and exit from the same side. Needless to say, even though we could see open seats on the other side of a pew, we could not reach them. Instead, spotting a single open pew at the back of the church, Cathie and I hurriedly jumped into the pew, while several others stood off to the side of the church


Grand Central Station

Following mass, we walked up a few blocks to check out Grand Central Station and take a few pictures inside the iconic train station before leaving to meet friends for lunch, near Times Square. However, after walking several blocks and not finding the restaurant, we stopped and realized, while we were on the right street, we had walked in the wrong direction. “Sorry, I’m directionally challenged,” I admitted in apology to Cathie, for improperly reading my “Maps” app. Thankfully our friends (some we were meeting for the first time) took pity upon us and waited to order their food until we arrived.

Cathie, Crystal and me 12/11/16

Cathie, Crystal and me 12/11/16 Crystal was a good sport that evening w/many picture requests.

Tina Sloan one of the nicest ladies you'll ever meet.

Tina Sloan one of the nicest ladies you’ll ever meet. 

Fun loving and happy #VeniceNation peeps

Fun loving and happy #VeniceNation peep

After laughing and getting to know one another better, lunch came to an end and Cathie and I walked back into Times Square to find some souvenirs, so our families would let us back into the house, Monday. Once the necessary goods were obtained, back to the hotel we went, to clean up before our “Meet and Greet” event with Crystal Chappell and Tina Sloan (not to mention, more fans of the show) at the Supernova Bar located inside the Novotel Hotel, Times Square.

When the event came to an end, after saying our goodbyes, we walked back toward the hotel, stopping only to eat some New York style pizza, before back to the room to pack up and prepare ourselves for an early morning flight back home.

Is there any wonder why I suffered a New York Hangover on Monday?


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