this that or this again…


My doll was so mad I was going to New York (without her), that she sought to teach me a lesson. “I know what I’ll do…” She began, “If you won’t take me with you to New York, then I’m going to make a butterscotch pie (a delicacy in my family) for the rest of us and you can’t have any!” She exclaimed. Amused I replied,  “What’s going to prevent me from cutting off a wedge before I leave in the morning?”  “Nothing, I suppose, but you better not…” She replied pretending to be offended by my wondering. As a mean mommy, the only reply I could make was a simple, “We’ll see…” before going back to my packing. As luck would have it, due to a very early morning flight, I didn’t have an opportunity to pinch a slice of the pie and figured this was a fair compensation for my weekend away.

yummy butterscotch pie

yummy butterscotch pie

While on our bus ride around Manhattan, I told Ms. Chappell about my daughter’s pie revenge and she agreed with my doll, “What fourteen year old doesn’t want to come to New York? I think her solution was brilliant,” She replied. Others on the bus chided me too, “How could you leave her at home?” “Easy…” was always my reply followed with a nice broad smile. “But I have to hand it to my doll, trying to blackmail me with pie is pretty awesome…” I added and several agreed while I ruminated over my missed butterscotch pie slice.


Monday, when I arrived home tired from my fun weekend away and early morning flight, I made myself some hot soup and shortly thereafter, took a nap. When I awoke, though not really hungry, I opened the refrigerator and lo and behold, there sat a solitary piece of butterscotch pie. Looking back around the room to see if anyone had noticed, I pulled the pie tin out (licking my lips in excited anticipation) just as my doll entered the kitchen. Looking at her, then down at the pie slice I offered,  “Thanks for leaving me this piece of pie…” said with an even tone. Looking back at me, my doll slightly lowered her head in a quick nod, then said, ” “Welcome home mom…” Which made my heart melt with love (sappy, I know but I was tired that day) “Aw, thanks doll,” I replied and then hurriedly began to gobble up (and savor) that pie.

Love of Family is a nice yummy slice of butterscotch pie….


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