If you say so…


This has been neurotic exam week at my house for the doll. “Mom, according to the latest grade update, I need to get a C minus on all my exams in order to get at least a B in all my classes…” The doll explained. “Nice, but you’re going to aim for an A right?” “Oh sure,” she smiled before adding, “But it doesn’t hurt to hedge your bets…”

If you say so…


Baby it's cold outside....

Baby it’s cold outside….

Recently, our neck of the woods has been in a terrible cold snap with morning temperatures registering in negative numbers, before wind chill is added in. ” I don’t appreciate having my picture taken without my permission,” The doll scolded having caught me snapping a couple pictures of her, as she walked to the car Tuesday, following her exams.  “Oh it’s so cold!” She added as she stooped down to step into the car,  “I couldn’t help taking your picture doll, you’re such a dichotomy.” I replied. She gave me a quizzical look in return, prompting me to explain, “Considering your exclamation that it’s cold outside–yet you’re carrying your coat over your arm, instead of wearing it. Smiling she replied, “I didn’t want to take the time to put it on…” “So complaining about being cold is more preferable to wearing your coat and being warm?” I asked. “When you put it this way, yes…”

Again, if you say so doll…




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