Going My Way…


Busy busy day here, as such, while Mrs. K and I “watch” the movie, Going My Way, I’m going to write this blog… hopefully it will all make sense.

Last night on Facebook I filled out a “get to know you better” questionnaire that has been popping up in my timeline and I thought, this would be the perfect tool for a blog about my kids… so here goes:

1) who were you named after? 

Doll: no one, really, but middle name is Irish version of Great Grammy. 

Boy: no one, but middle name was my papaw’s middle name too.

2) When was the last time you cried? 

Doll: when my stress lotion exploded upon impact at school…

Boy: when this friend of mine, who coincidentally, has had a difficult life, read a poem she wrote.

3)Do you like your handwriting? 

Doll: (guffaw) No!

Boy: sure, why not? 

For the record, the boy’s handwriting is hideous. 

4)  What is your favorite lunch meat? 

Doll: I don’t like lunch meat

Boy: Ham

5) Do you use sarcasm? 

Doll: she simply stared at me

Boy: yes, every chance I get

6) Do you still have your tonsils?

Both: Yes

7) Would you bungee jump?

Doll: if the harness was safe and there were matts to catch me in case they weren’t, then yes.

Boy: No

8) What is your favorite cereal?

Doll: Pass

The boy: Honey Nut Cheerios 

9) Do you untie your shoes at night before taking them off?

Both: Nope

10) Do you think you’re strong?

Doll: (Without missing a beat) No!

Boy: ‘Strong’ is a relative term, if for strength I’d say no, if for emotions I’d say yes. 

11) what is your favorite ice cream?

Doll: Hmm…. Cookies and Cream

Boy: Chocolate cookie dough 

12) what is the first thing you notice about someone? 

Doll: Personality 

Boy: I don’t pay enough attention to notice things about people.

13) what is your favorite smell? 

Doll: Water–fountains, oceans, you know, water. 

Boy: my nose isn’t that great to discern smells… but I guess pizza. 

Afterward I remarked that I chose cookies baking in the oven. As a matter of course, he then asked me to change his answer to mine.

14) what is your favorite color? 

Doll: Violet 

Boy: I’m a non descript kind of guy… but I suppose blue Jean colored blue

I don’t know about you, that sounds rather descriptive to me.

15) name the last movie you saw? 

Doll: Fantastic Beasts 

Boy: Moana

16) What is your favorite holiday? 

Both: (Surprisingly) Halloween 

Boy: (Qualifier) but I get more hyped up for Christmas.

17) What is the least favorite thing about yourself?

Doll: I don’t know there’s a lot… being anxious I guess.

*breaks my heart to hear her say this, but she is almost 15 and I had a long list back then too

boy: I’m doofy. “What’s doofy?””I walk around not really interested in anything other than I’m interested in…” 

18) What was the last thing you ate?

Doll: Veggie Straws last night

Boy: had a nice bowl of cereal for breakfast and then had a bag of Veggie Straws. 

19) Scary Movies or Happy?

Doll: Both

Boy: happy–fun movies.

20) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

Doll: You 

Boy: My Grammy.


Well, they’re really not all that interesting or different from most teenagers, but I happily claim them as mine!  I have to admit too, many of their answers fell under the category, “The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree”.


Merry Christmas! 


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