pulling off a scab…


Last night, as I perused through the over 1,800 blogs I’ve written over the last six years, I found myself smiling at the many time capsules I found. “Bay, do you still have Elvira and Henrietta?” I asked him. “Excuse me?” He replied. “You know, Elvira and Henrietta…” I replied with a smile. “I have no idea what you are referencing, but I don’t have anything here by those names,” He answered. “Flashlights… the larger one you called Henrietta because she cast a bright light for you to find the bathroom in the middle of the night…” I replied. Giving me an odd–“You made this up” look, he returned, “Um, I don’t have any flashlights in here”. I couldn’t help but laugh at our mutual memory loss of those flashlights; only remembered by a short blog written for and about a boy and his sister, doll.

While this technically isn’t a “Christmas” story, the subject at hand was a Christmas present, therefore it fits the criteria for this week of funny blogs. I will say, I can’t ever forget this story because my doll won’t let me. Every time I’ve mentioned her luck with rodents, she’s replied, “Thanks for pulling off that scab, Mom” which puts a smile on my face every single time. 



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