Bonus material….


Yesterday, a friend on Facebook, wondered what people who lived through the Great Depression and World Wars would think of many people’s collective thoughts that 2016 was the worst year on record. I didn’t comment back, because there are no right or wrong answers to that question; only perspectives.

For my family, 2016 wasn’t too bad:

  • My doll graduated 8th grade
  • My son scored fantastically on the ACT
  • My doll began her High School experience
  • My son began thinking about college and where he’d like to attend next year.
  • As a family, we vacationed in Montana and celebrated Christmas in July, complete with snow.
  • My father turned 95 and continues to thrive.
  • My hubby spent a nice R&R week in Florida with his mom, brother and Aunts
  • I spent a long weekend in NYC enjoying the sites, making and renewing friendships, visiting w/family.
  • Enjoyed hearing my doll inform me (with envy) the boy is friends with every person in the school.
  • Watched the boy have a wonderful Christmas Eve where his affability was on full display.

Where 2016 faltered is easy… The tenth inning of game 7 for my beloved Cleveland Indians. But even then, considering their opponent was the Chicago Cubs, one couldn’t be that unhappy–especially for the Cleveland fans who made a small fortune selling their game 7 tickets to rich Cub’s fans.


Of course, 2016 will also go down as a difficult year for many other reasons…

  • My GERD diagnosis only to find out (after spending $$$ on various inconclusive tests and various doctors) I don’t have GERD, but rather have been experiencing an allergic reaction to ineffective allergy medications and dog urine.
  • My growing-up children who make writing blogs about them, very difficult.

Yes, this past year there have been many perspectives, employing different lenses to view them through.  Some happy, some sad and some downright scary. Yet we muddled through, shared many laughs, sarcastic moments (bay!), some beautiful, some not, some… still evolving.

Then we start over again…

Here’s hoping our many perspectives of 2017,  live up to every dream, wish or hope you have in your hearts for the year to hold.

Happy New Year!

Marsha, Hubby, The boy (bay) and The doll





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