oh very young…


I was listening to old Cat Stevens music, the other night and particularly enjoyed the song, Oh Very Young, which currently pertains to my seventeen year old son….”Oh very young what will you leave us this time, you’re only dancin’ on the earth a short while…” as he prepares himself for college. Yesterday, I made him sit down and fill out online scholarship requests for one of the universities he’s interesting in attending. “I guess this means I’m going there…” He said, rather sullen. “Bay, this only means you’re applying for scholarships. This says nothing about committing there. But honestly, this school has been soliciting you hard for the last month–which means they want you there. You liked the campus when we visited, your dad and I liked the size of the teacher to student ratio (1400 students) and campus size, not to mention their work study program. What’s wrong with seeing what else monetarily they have to offer?” “I just don’t want to limit my opportunities,” He replied. “Nothing says we will, however, with each university there are hoops to dance through and around to get the best offer. So, we or rather you, need to start dancing…”


In regards to the blog I wrote yesterday, the boy took my advisement to heart, walked into the doll’s bedroom and declared what jobs she had to do versus what he was going to do. She took one look at the list and cried foul!!!  Much like I knew she would.  Then together, they both surprised me. Not only was the kitchen clean and dusted, but the living room had been too. The real shocker came when I found all the Christmas decorations, including the tree had been taken down and put away as well. “Mom, I also cleaned the bathroom toilet-which wasn’t on the chore list,” The doll added. “Good, that toilet needed to be cleaned…” I remarked. “Oh yes it did,” She returned with a gushing smile. In addition, both kids seemed very proud their time together was amiable,  “I sang while I cleaned…” The boy happily announced. “I needed to commandeer your Tap so I could drown out his horrible singing, from the kitchen,” The doll countered. “Regardless, you both did a great job, thank you.”

Then they really surprised me… “Sure Mom,” The doll said and  “Anytime,” The boy added.

Hmm, I believe I’ve created a good harmonious monster, one that needs to be employed more often.




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